Saturday, March 29, 2014


updated this:

The Spring Bravo Bash: Final + Process

Had the chance to make this flyer for a local fest that's coming up. Not only was I happy to hear, "make it an alien", but I was also really happy to hear that the lineup was as good as it is. I know lots of the band members and have been meaning to finally catch them. Check out the show next month - it's going to be a good time:

Full Rough Animation + Gif Party

Long time no update. March has been full of animating. Before spring break, I finished all of the rough animation for Space Puppy. Now I'm in maniac cleanup-and-color-mode. Here are the roughs:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Coming in Like a Lambchop

Oh hey, it's March. March comes in like a lion, or out like a lamb - since I've only experienced Ohio Marches, I assume that saying is bologna and March is actually just this GIF-like flux month.

Plugging away at thesis, that is all that I will say. I will probably post a big update next week (bgs + finished animation pass).
Some articles from the past week-plus:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Japanther Mock-Ups

Poster/flyer comps and a mock-up for something I was making for an upcoming show. For now, the show's canceled - me and a handful of my Columbus friends are pretty bummed. I'll be crossing my fingers for another lineup that's this good to come to town (and, by all means, I'll be crossing my fingers for Japanther to finally come back to Columbus).

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hey! This week was absolutely great. The cartoon I've been working on with friends since my winter break is complete. Say hello to Buff Cat! I helped slap together things in After Effects and animated  about 19 of the animated shots. I'm so glad I have found people to do this kind of thing with. I had the most fun I've had working on a project yet. Thanks Matt, Pat, Scott and Tara - you guys rock!

Mr. Buffcat is voiced by the talented Greg, who is awesome.
Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you're part of the team.

Next week I will have a good chunk of thesis animation to show and maybe some other projects wrapping up.
Until then, I updated my website's sketchbook collection:

This week, the internet told me:
- Why Middle School Girls Talk Like Babies
- “Putin Will Teach You How To Love”
- Lilly Allen Titles New Album Sheeus
- These Neopets Have Been Alive for 13 Years
- How To Get A Concept Artist Internship: Breaking in at Riot Games
(Hey, one of my classmates was in a Chris Oatley ArtCast! That's pretty rad!)

- At Titmouse, Animators Spend One Day a Year Creating Five Second Films